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Neff Packaging Solutions has a historically strong commitment to environmental sustainability practices, because practices that are good for the environment are good for business. “Nothing from our new facility leaves for the landfill,” said Jim Younkin, Vice President Operations for Neff Packaging Solutions. He added, “A key component to recycling is understanding paperboard and its environmental impact. Landfills represent a loss to both our economy and our earth because everything thrown into a landfill does not properly return to the system. In a nut-shell, landfill waste is a waste of resources.”

The other key component to sustainability in packaging is providing education so that our customers can properly specify substrates and other materials to realize their environmental and energy impact. Careful material selection coupled with adherence to lean manufacturing principles in our production facility leads to both a positive environmental outcome through waste reduction along with reduced costs to pass along to our customers through increased efficiencies.

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