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Products and Services to Build Brand Loyalty

Neff tackles your business challenges with a variety of products, services, industry expertise and experience.

Branded Consumer Products

Neff Packaging designs and produces custom premium packaging with innovation and excellence. Our enduring commitment is to provide you with a perfect package that, at the “First Moment of Truth,” the consumer will choose your product. Neff Packaging Solutions solves your challenges and improve your bottom line.

Our name is synonymous with design creativity and high-quality premium packaging and our value-added production processes are proven when it comes to enhancing your brand's image.


Nothing builds loyalty faster than consumer sampling. At Neff, we will work with you to create sampling packages that provide ample space for product education along with your product. We know the more we can teach with your package, the higher the return response rate will be.


Safe Mailer™ is a patented product that reduces the cost of direct mail samples, allowing our clients to reach more consumers for less money.


Doctors, Dentists, Pharmacists, and Beauty-care Specialists, etc., are professionals that consumers look to for product recommendations. We know how valuable these recommendations are and have experience producing many successful influencer programs, including several well known national brands.


Retailers appreciate on-pack promotions because they provide a means of retailer customization that allows them to compete with other retailers on more than just the lowest price. Retail sampling with on-pack and multi-pack promotions are proven when it comes to jump-starting brand sales and setting your brand apart from your competition.


Neff specializes in P.O.P. shelf displays that respond to today's business reality – that all retailers tend to be short on both staff and space. As a result, the traditional P.O.P. is no longer practical. That's why Neff P.O.P. shelf displays are designed to have maximum impact in a limited amount of space with a minimum amount of set up time.

We design and manufacture user-friendly, easy to set-up, space efficient and eye-catching P.O.P. displays including:

  • Counter displays
  • Brochure holders
  • Gravity feed units
  • Mini power wings
  • Signage


Custom Packaging

Custom Packaging

Consumer Sampling

On-packs and Multi-packs

P.O.P. Displays

P.O.P. Displays